SBAmatch – How It Works

Find SBA Lenders

Find the top 10 SBA lenders by industry type. Select industry to see top lenders and the historical and forecasted lending activity for that industry.

Match To SBA Lenders

Our proprietary SBA lender matching platform connects you to the right SBA lender, that you work with direct. Complete loan request and see results for the best matched lenders based on the lender’s matching experience, focus and criteria.  Select which SBA lender(s) and securely one-click submit your request direct to the SBA lender.

SBA Lending Intel

SBAmatch is one of the solutions provided by SBADNA. SBADNA operates an AI-powered advanced analytics platform that turns lending big data into actionable intel for business owners and lenders. Access the SBADNA platform to research SBA lenders and SBA lending for business sectors, industries, franchise brands, and geographical areas. SBADNA also posts awards, rankings, findings, and insights at

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